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See this statue? It’s located at the Glendale Central Library. 
Big deal right? Yes. Yes it is. 

She sits here today as a memorial for the victims of the sexual slavery and abuse committed by the Japanese imperial military during WWII. Right now, Japan is running a petition to take her down.

We cannot let this happen.

Every Wednesday, the woman of Korea that were used as sexual slaves protest and cry out. However, Japan refuses to acknowledge their suffering. There have been no apologies and no recognition.

Please, please don’t let them get rid of her. Their pain deserves to be recognized and sympathized.

Luckily, There is a petition going on to save the girl and allow her to continue sitting in Glendale CL. The link can be found here and you can read more about everything that she stands for here.  

Thank you so much for reading this. Even if you can’t sign this, please signal boost so other people will. 

[[A big thank you to tumblr user did-we-just-marry-thedevil for bringing this to my attention]]

We have already reblogged this before but it can’t hurt to do it again in case any of you didn’t see it.

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Goldie Taylor Drops Knowledge On Marijuana Legalization

We’re about to find out if she’s right —and it sounds about right (to me anyway)

Four things we know NOW:

1) Cannabis arrests have been increasing: in 2012 alone, police made one marijuana arrest every 42 seconds

One would think that the legalization of pot would cause a decrease of those arrests, HOWEVER

2) profit motivated ~*private*~ prisons are a very real thing and they are BIG money with BIG  lobbyists (the good news here is that CO. is actually closing prisons)

3) The price of legalized marijuana will probably go up…way UP


and that alone increases the likelihood of an illegal underground market

4) Like nearly every other criminal arrest, marijuana arrests are very heavily racially biased


(via regulatemarijuana.org)

So…IF a significant number of cannabis arrests are still made in Colorado due to an illegal underground market, and (or?) IF the for-profit, private prisons still need to be provided with a fresh supply of disproportionately Black and Latino inmates, all of that corporate greed & racial bias won’t just evaporate away into thin air. Those are not terribly big ifs, but time will soon tell

remember: racism and racial bias in the criminal “justice” system is ALWAYS at play and this IS Colorado we’re talking about (where the ONLY three men on death row are ALL BLACK — in a state that has only 4 percent Black people)

(h/t to  for collecting all of @GoldieTaylor's tweets on Storify)


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